Zollamt Telematics

ZOLLAMT TELEMATICS was established and presented within the context of the ZOLLAMT OPENING. The customs houses have a broadband Internet connection. This provides a high-quality network and offers participants a solid base for global interconnection. It forms the basis for special artistic and scientific projects and experiments. Thanks to a live broadcast by the user-generated DORF TV television project, anyone could participate in the opening via DVB-T and Internet livestream.

Media artist Josef Klammer presented his work “desktop” live through VoIP from Warsaw. The sound generated by touching the original deskin the customs house was sent around the world and received in turn as an echo via the satellite system.

Media collective OchoReSotto offered a visual mixing of the film “SET” in collaboration with artist team XXkunstkabel, which was realised in cooperation with Indian artist Umesh Maddanahalli and presented as a live performance.

The ZOLLAMT.TV website was launched on 24th November 2012.

  • dorf.tv live via DVB-T & livestream dorftv.at/live
  • „desktop“ Josef Klammer live via VoIP from Wroclaw, Poland (Foto)
  • OchoReSotto live Visual Mixing & „SET“ XXkunstkabel, Umesh Maddanahalli