2013_05_Sicheldorfer Flasche

The SITUATION incorporates both an inner and an outer world. In the geographical as well as the spiritual quarter of the REVENUE BUILDING in Sicheldorf we find a chapel with pictures of CYRIL & METHODIUS and a healing water source of the SICHELDORFER company. These lead us to historical, geographical and existential speculations involving facts, activities and attributions.

The LABEL hugs a bottle filled with healing water, and puts forth its claim using the sentence by Bazon Brock. The well-defined single Cyrillic letters make for horizontal legibility of the label, whereas the levels of meaning burrow into the vertical depths of the reader’s memory.
(Ingesting) healing water (in the body; in the tummy) creates harmony between orthopaedics and orthography for orthodoxy against fundamentalism. (Joachim Baur, 2012/13)

Präsentation Buchstabenfest 24.05.2013
Gemeinde Sicheldorf – Ortskapelle / Firma Sicheldorfer Heilwasser
Mit Bürgermeister Heinrich Schmidlechner, Elisabeth Arlt, Monika Frühwirth / Sicheldorfer Heilwasser, Joachim Baur / Zollamt